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Ubisoft Montreal
French video game company that operates 29 studios in 19 countries. Ubisoft's Mile End location employs more than 2,650 people, making it the company's largest.
District Café
Café founded by Loukas Toliopoulos in hopes of raising start-up funds to back his clothing shop one street over, Loukas Jeans.
Part furniture showroom, part breakfast/lunch joint. Lawn chairs are placed out front when the warm weather arrives.
Frank & Oak
This exclusively online high-end menswear company recently opened a snazzy atelier space on St-Viateur — customers can try on a new look and even get coiffed. Though the majority of its customers are U.S. based, the company proudly touts its Mile End home base.
Naada Yoga
This community- and education-focused yoga studio founded by a husband-and-wife team offers everything from restorative classes to sessions that involve hanging upside-down.
Aoiro Studio
Graphic design studio run by the founder of Montreal Meets, an annual popular design conference that draws a wealth of renowned international talent. Moved to Mile End in 2013.
Bar Waverly
This classy bar just across the street from Ubisoft serves as the gaming employees' go-to watering hole at happy hour. A big change from the dive-bar that preceded it, this bar features a mason-jar décor and gin served with homemade tonic.
Loukas Jeans
A true Mile End product, this Fairmont St. shop sells high-end jeans sewn on St-Viateur St.
Café Sardine
Coffee shop by day, Japanese bistro by night — trendy and delicious.
Hotel Herman
High-end restaurant that received a warm welcome in the neighbourhood.
Restaurant with an adjacent butcher shop, conceived by the original chefs at the popular Mile End bar Sparrow.
Breakfast joint with funky décor and excellent eggs — creators of the debaucherous breakfast poutine. Go to conquer your hunger, or hangover..
Classy hipster bar that offers prime people-watching and a delicious hangover brunch.
Le Cagibi
A café with a cozy, co-op vibe — part venue, part vegetarian food spot.
Café Olimpico
An affordable, friendly, family-run café that's always packed and much-loved by locals.
Club Social
A favourite coffee shop for locals, go for the latte.
Épicerie Latina
High-end grocery store that offers a wide assortment of prepared meals.
Bio Terre
Health food-store.
S.W. Welch Bookseller
Calling itself one of the city's "literary landmarks," this bookshop was established in 1984 but moved Mile End in 2007.
David's Tea
Some concerned citizens saw the popular tea-shop chain's arrival as proof that gentrification was taking hold in the area..
St-Viateur Bagel
If you only venture to the Mile End for one reason, chances are it might be to grab a dozen or two of these bagels. 24/7, hot, fresh, cheap.
Fairmount Bagels
This neighbhourhood is known and loved for its celebrated doughy rings — and the long-standing tradition and claim to fame that started right here, and is still going strong.
POP Montreal
An international not-for-profit arts and music festival that takes the city by storm for five days every September.
Navarino Bakery
Early 1960s Don't let its new sign fool you, this Greek bakery is a long-standing and much-loved Mile End institution.
Nouveau Palais
Between the comfy booths and classic comfort food, this place has stood the test of time.
Épicerie Mile-End
Try to walk past this place in summer without drooling at its street-front fruit and vegetable selection.
Du Parc YMCA
Accessible fitness where locals come to get their sweat on — well aware that they might end up jogging, swimming and catching their breath next to their neighbhour.
The Rialto Theatre
Iconic theatre plays host to concerts, plays and dance productions.
Family-owned lunch joint oozing with nostalgia, a highly-praised favourite of Montreal writer Mordecai Richler.
Casa del Popolo
2000 Great music, cheap beer, and it'll be a challenge to find anyone who doesn't love the nachos.
Cabaret du Mile End
This three-decade-old concert hall became known as The Cabaret du Mile End in 2010. It seeks to serve as a space for all kinds of artistic expression, and contributes to Mile End's cultural vibrancy.
Drawn and Quarterly
If you're an anglo Montrealer and like to read, chances are you've frequented this little gem of a bookshop.
Boulangerie Guillaume
Fresh, locally sourced ingredients that make the whole street smell of baked goodness. Not a whole lot of room, better to grab n' go.
This classic Peruvian restaurant was around before the flurry of new dining options popped up on St-Viateur.
Mais Restaurant
Local, organic Latin-inspired food. A new kid on the block, friend of Sardine and Sparrow.
This independent record shop strives to serve the area's artistic community. A visit here pairs well with a stop at its literary neighbour.
Boulangerie Clarke
Huge sandwiches, cheap prices. Favourite quick go-to for hungry nearby employees in the area. Prepare for a line-up during lunch. It moves quickly, though.
Built in the 1970s, now owned by the Toronto-based Allied Properties, a patchwork of businesses and artists studios call the floors of these massive concrete giants home.